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Postgraduate Training Institute

     Postgraduate Training Institute - the main clinical teaching and training center with a wide range of Postgraduate Medical Education Programs comprises more than 70 accredited Specialty and Subspecialty Programs, Science Degree Programs and Programs on Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

     For the biggest organization to implement re-training for physicians, nurses and medical professionals, approximately 250-300 trainees graduate a year as specialty /residency/ and sub-specialty training, hundreds trainees graduate participate in retraining. In 2003, Postgraduate training institute creates branch centers at provinces and organizes distance learning for rural physicians and medical professionals.

Specialty /Residency/ training

     The residency training programs are fully accredited 1.5-3 year training programs. The curriculum is comprised of clinical rotations, didactic conferences, continuity clinic education, and research training. The core lecture series that are part of the didactic conferences and includes almost 6 credit hour lectures on the various topics of medicine and 2 credit hour lectures on chosen specialty. In addition, we are in the process of renovating the entire physical plant of departments including the creation of a new, state of the art learning center composed of computers for computer-enhanced learning, and Internet searches. We seek residents of high moral and ethical standards who possess independent initiative, enthusiasms, creativity, and scholarly talents. The goal of the residency training program is to produce physicians who have a solid knowledge base and excellent clinical skills to be leaders in our field, regardless of the type of practice they pursue.

Subspecialty training

     Subspecialty training has 147 subspecialty trainings, followed their tuition doctors and we co-operating 18 chairs tuitions.  Annually 80-100 doctors attend subspecialty training. Proposed start time March and October a year subspecialty training.

Continuing  Education Program

     Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences provides continuing education programs (courses, workshops, and conferences) to physicians, professional nurses and health care providers throughout the state and region. Programming is planned to offer the most current knowledge and updates on topics of interest in health care education. The Postgraduate Institute of MNUMS is an approved provider of the continuing contact hour which enables medical workers to maintain professional competencies, acquire new roles and functions, obtain knowledge and skills, capture trends and new directions in health care.