Academic title award ceremony of mnums has successfully organized

Academic title award ceremony of mnums has successfully organized

Үүсгэсэн огноо: 2020-10-19


   By the resolution of the Academic Board of the MNUMS and the order of the President, the ceremony was held to award academic titles to the best scientists and teachers who have led the way in the field of training doctors, nurses and medical professionals in the Mongolian health sector.

   In his opening remarks, Professor N. Khurelbaatar Ph.D., President of the MNUMS, said that the pride and values of the university are scholars, teachers and professors. It is a title bestowed on distinguished scholars and teachers who have made history of our university.

   This year, 89 scientists and teachers of the MNUMS were nominated for academic titles, which is an unprecedented number in the history of our university. 13 professors, 29 associate professors and 13 clinical professors were awarded from those nominees.

   The future of Mongolia's health sector is inextricably linked to our university's development policy, training, research and professional activities. We are confident that newly awarded scientists and teachers will lead the team and work tirelessly for the development of our home school and the health of our people.

  All the scientists and teachers of the MNUMS, who are awarded the honorary titles of “Professor”, “Associate Professor” and “Clinical Professor” may have every success in their future research, education and medical work.


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