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Department of Medical Chemistry

Department of Medical Chemistry

     The Department of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, at Health Science University of Mongolia, since its inception in 15th, December, 1975, has always departed somewhat from this tradition given the focus of many of its faculty on the many kind of research areas.

Historical chain:

1984-1989          Department of General physical – Chemistry, Biochemistry – Organic chemistry

1989-1990          Department of Chemistry

1990-2012          Department of Chemistry –Biochemistry

2012-recent        Department of Medical chemistry

Head of the department

Ts. Namsrai                    1975-1995

D.Enebish                      1995-1998

N.Davaasuren                1998-2005

D.Enkhmaa                    2005-2009

J.Munkhtsetseg              2009-2012

U.Battsetseg                  2012-recent

    The department of Medical chemistry consists of 2 professors, 1 associated professor, 3 doctor, 1 master,  1 lab technician. A variety of programs are available to undergraduates interested in research opportunities in the Chemistry Department. In recent years research activities in the Department have been broadened further by the addition of several research. The Department offers Medical chemistry-I,II, Analytical chemistry, Physics-Colloidal chemistry, that are open to interested undergraduates. The department typically teaches chemistry about 1000 first year students per year.

Current faculty research areas include:

     Research programs of the faculty cover an unusually broad range of study. The chemistry faculty includes a number of undergraduate scientists who maintain active research programs in medicinal chemistry.

~        Chemical components synthesized from the natural bio-active materials

~        Food safety

~        New material research

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