The Central library of Health Sciences

Central Medical library is the central library with direction of medicine which provides a service for teachers, employees, students and researchers of the National University of Medical Science and in additionally for doctors and professionals of hospital who are working in health sector of
Mongolia. The Central Library of Health Sciences provides library services to 20,570 readers studying and working in Ulaanbaatar, rural areas, and abroad.
The library is carrying out the activities of library service in total square of 1.628м 2 . The library serves readers with 4 reading rooms and 2 e-reading rooms with a total of 498 seats. Also, it serves the eachers and students of MNUMS with the book repair, group study rooms, and conference rooms.
The library provides reading services with a total of 20 librarians. There are 17 librarians in the central library and 3 librarians in the nursing school library. 18 (90%) of the total human resources are professional librarians.






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Номын санч


A 3-story library with more than 400 seats with an area of 2999.1 m 2 will soon be built in the new campus of MNUMS.

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