Central Hospital of Mongolian Traditional

Central Hospital of Mongolian Traditional Medicine


To provide evidence-based diagnosis, treatment, and prevention measures for common diseases and oriental medicine to the general public in accordance with the standards, to solve the problem of diagnosis and treatment of obstructive diseases in Mongolia in the field of traditional medicine, acts as a consultant.

Inpatient treatment:

After seeing the doctor at our center and making a decision, a hospitalization letter will be issued. / Room 108 /

The bedtime schedule is planned by the senior nurse. / Room 109 /

On the scheduled day, a nurse from the client support department will oversee the bias. / registration information section /

Planned inpatient visits on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 08:20 AM – 11:00 AM.


Respect the person and heal the whole body and mind

Introduce the best evidence-based traditional therapies

Be a medical professional with a friendly attitude and respect for ethics

Be a transparent and open hospital that will contribute to public health

Create a national database



High professional ethics and responsibility

Creative and enterprising thinking

Quality service

A polite and competent team

Human resources:

The center is working with 70 doctors, nurses, specialists and lecturers from the International School of Mongolian Medicine.

Professor - 2

Associate professor - 4

PhD in Medicine - 3

Master in Medicine - 14

Advisor physician - 5

Senior Doctor - 9

Principal doctor - 7

Foreign doctor - 2

Historical Bureau:

2014 Traditional cabinet of MNUMS general hospital

2016 Mongolian Medical Clinic of the MNUMS General Hospital

2019 Mongolian-Japanese Hospital, Central Hospital of Mongolian Traditional Medicine

2021 The central hospital of Mongolian medicine


Outpatient department

Department of Sports Injury

Department of Traditional Medicine I

Department of Traditional Medicine II

Total number of beds – 100


Outpatient examinations and consultations in the field of traditional medicine and sports injuries

Inpatient treatment in traditional medicine and sports injuries

Traditional medication therapy

Acupuncture, moxibustion, traditional bariatrics, judo bariatrics, leeches, aggression, dipping, scarves, mud, mineral water, mud, yoga, rehabilitation


Outpatient: Monday-Friday 08: 20 AM – 04: 20 PM

Come to the hospital in person and get an appointment with the registrar.