Post-doctoral Research

The number of post-doctoral researchers will be determined and selected at the meeting of the leaders of the Academic Council in accordance with the research priorities and implementation projects of MNUMS. Post-doctoral studies are 1-2 years. Based on the results of the study, it can be extended for up to 1 year. Scholars from foreign and domestic universities, academic and research institutions in cooperation with MNUMS can participate. It will be based on departments, laboratories, institutes and university hospitals of MNUMS. The Research Center will sign a tri-party agreement with the post-doctoral researcher and the supervisor and monitor the implementation of the agreement. Post-doctoral researchers and supervisors will report the results of the research progress to the Research Center every six months. The report of the research project will be discussed and handed over to the Academic Council of MNUMS. The post-doctoral researcher must publish 1 article as the first or responsible author in a journal registered in the Web of Science, Scopus, and Pubmed databases. Under the supervision of the relevant department and supervisor, will guide the teaching and research work of master's and doctoral students. The post-doctoral researcher will be paid at the faculty level. In the event of breach of contract by the researcher, all costs related to post-doctoral research funding will be reimbursed. A post-doctoral researcher is not allowed to engage in dual employment outside the university.

Requirements for Supervisor

    • To have the academic title of full professor, associate professor or higher at MNUMS

    • To be the leader of foreign, domestic and MNUMS funded research projects

Requirements and materials for post-doctoral researchers

      • Form 1 for Government Staff

      • It must not be more than 5 years since the completion of the doctoral degree

      • List of academic and research works certified by the secretary of the academic council of the constituent schools and institutes

      • The decision of the meeting to discuss and support the post-doctoral research project by the academic council of the constituent schools and institutes