Erkhes’’ sanatorium

“Erkhes’’ sanatorium

The sanatorium has been operating since 2008 and is located in the Selkhiin Aman area of the 20th khoroo of Sukhbaatar district, covering an area of 3 hectares and has a capacity to serve 50 people per shift, is fully covered by health insurance, and provides discounted care to the elderly. Traditional medicine and rehabilitation are a resort complex with a special permit. A total of 3 accredited professional teams provides quality care services nationwide.

The main areas of care:

  • Mongolian medication therapy

  • Massage therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Leprosy, comb, and whip

  • Vacuum treatment

  • Aggressive treatment

  • Bariatrics

  • Scarves and soaking

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Physical therapy

  • Provides services such as dairy and milk treatment.

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Улаанбаатар хот, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг 18-р хороо

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