English program for Medical doctor 2+4 joint program

Summer Clinical Internships and International Clinical Internships: Summer internships and Internships are available at San Antonio Methodist Hospital, George State University Hospital in Atlanta, Texas, Georgia State University Hospital, and Chung-A Hospital in South Korea.

2+4 Program: Mongolian students can participate in the ‘2+4’ program as part of the cooperation with the University of Georgia in the United States. They will complete 186 hours of training in 2 years of basic professional courses and 4 years of clinical courses.
Globalized cooperation: The English-taught Medical doctor program has reached a cooperation agreement with South Korea ‘Chung-Ang University Health System and Hyundai International Medical Education Center. learning becomes possible. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Texas Medical Center in the United States, the two sides have developed mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of academics, research, and education, and wide opportunities for teacher-student exchange have opened up.

More than 100 students from Korea, Canada, and Mongolia are studying in the III-VI courses of the English language doctor training program. From the 3rd year, clinical practice can be done in hospitals in Korea and the United States, in addition to the

Mongolian-Japanese Hospital of ASUU and other contracted national central hospitals.

In English, the training program for the preparation of the Medical doctor is a combined bachelor's and master's program, designed to improve the learning outcomes using the "Block" learning system. Our students are studying to be fully prepared for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

The English PhD program is committed to developing globally competitive medical professionals and is committed to achieving the program's vision and mission.

• Courses in the English Program are conducted in English only and are fully equipped with dedicated classrooms and clinical skills centers.
• Our program is student-centered, with opportunities for direct participation in practice, and training for developing clinical thinking is conducted not only at the Mongolian-Japanese Hospital, but also at other affiliated hospitals and national centers of MNUMS.
• Summer Internship and Internship training can be done in developed countries abroad or in your home country based on the student's personal decision.
• 6th year students can do clinical practice in developed foreign countries.
• The teaching staff of our program has experience in clinical as well as medical education in foreign countries, which guarantees that students will receive world- class knowledge.

Opportunities for Graduates

The fact that the English medical doctor program is accredited by international and opens up wide opportunities for our graduates to compete and advance in their professions internationally, but also creates conditions for working in foreign
countries to test their knowledge and experience in the field of global health.

Academic and non-academic support

In addition to offering its students a rigorous curriculum, MNUMS offers a wide range of academic and non-academic support. These include: library, student housing, modern sports equipment, provision of all kinds of scholarships, student exchange programs and clinical practice in foreign countries, electronic and distance learning.

The management team of MNUMS has a favorable condition to receive care from all parties without difficulty.


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