BIO-MEDICINE is a rapidly developing field of research that includes medicine, biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, agriculture, biotechnology, physics, electronics, bio-informatics, information technology, and directly affects the health system and individual health. 

As part of the policy support for improving the laboratory environment of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of MNUMS was established and opened on November 25, 2022.

Human Resource


Director of Institute of Biomedicine


Head of Research and Development Center


Head of Experimental Animal Center

Ongoing Projects

  • “Immunodiagnosis and surveillance of primary brain tumor”, principal investigator Enkhsaikhan L. 2020-2022

      Funding: 110 million MNT

  • “Introduction of new technology for the detection of mutations and nucleic acid sequencing analysis by RT-PCR method in SARS-CoV-2 strains in Mongolia”, 2021-2022

       Funding: 243,766,500 MNT

  • “A Genomic study of SARS-CoV-2 in Mongolia” 2020

        Funding: 188,000,000 MNT

  • Determining the effects of essential oils on brain centers: In vitro and in vivo studies of the anxiolytic effects of essential oils from Mongolian plants, 2022 – 2024

Funding: 50,0 MNT

  • “Rehabilitation of ovarian dysfunction following non-reproductive organ tumors by cell therapy” 2022-2024

Funding: 50,000,000.00 MNT

  • “A study to determine the incidence of consanguineous families” 2022-2023

        Funding: 49,744,000 MNT

  • “Development of new probiotic and bacterial replacement products against dental caries” 2021-2022

        Funding: 86,000,000 MNT

  • “OX40 agonist in cancer local immunotherapy”, PI Gansukh Ch. 2019-2022

       Funding: 40 million MNT

  • “CpG ODN application in allergy”, PI Enkhsaikhan L. 2020-2023

       Funding: 45 million MNT

  • “Establishment of the technology for detection of multiple cytokines by flowcytometry in clinical practice” PI Khongorzul T 2022-2024, Funding: 40 million MNT
  • “Effect of Hot natured three herb’s in the stomach cancer cells”, 2019-2022

Funding: 45,0 MNT

  • Determination of type, purity and biological activity of collagen isolated from horse raw materials, 2022-2024

Funding: 68,0 MNT

  • “CpG ODN application in allergy”, PI Enkhsaikhan L. 2020-2023

       Funding: 45 million MNT

  • “Introducing tissue microarray kit and immunohistochemical staining method in the tissue analysis laboratory” 2022-2023
  • Funding: 35,000,000.00 MNT
  • “Preliminary clinical study of gene therapy for hemophilia – Establishing a biobank” 2023-2024     

Funding: 69,890,000.00 MNT

  • “A clinical study to detect diseases among consanguineous families: Pilot study“  2022-2023

         Funding: 70,000,000 MNT

  •  “Identifying the SBNO1 gene sequence and detecting the relevance of intellectual disability in consanguineous families“ 2023-2024

         Funding: 68,300,000 MNT


International – 4


  • A study of oligosaccharides in breast milk and stool of newborns of mothers living in urban and rural areas, 2023-2025
  • “Effects and mechanisms of mitochondrial calcium channel blockers in fatty liver” 2023-2025

Funding 109,500,000.00 MNT

  • “Pituitary adenoma, its characterization among Mongolians” 2023-2025

Funding 47,760.00 USD

  • “Research on the development of a comprehensive methodology for extracting biologically active fractions from medicinal plants and analyzing them in an in vitro environment”, principal investigator Tsogtsaikhan S. 2021-2024

     Funding: 54 million MNT