Established in 2021 with support from Seoul National University. Nutrition and Culinary
Laboratory (NCL) is a unit of Public Health Institute of MNUMS which conducts
undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training, research, experimentation including
professionaland public-oriented activities.

Using body composition analyzer, body mass index, muscle mass, body fat, biological age, and calorie expenditure of adults and children will be determined and analyzed, providing counseling and advice on nutrition; within the laboratory activities such as  Food production technology, Nutritious food production, new ideas, food production and technology specialized in important stages of life such as pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, infants, children, adolescents, and the elderly, clinical nutrition menu development, test and review ingredient standards will be conducted.


Research areas:

1. Measure body composition of adults and children

2. Blood hemoglobin test

3. Blood sugar test

4. Determine food consumption using physical food models

5. Pediatric nutrition assessment

6. Lactose intolerance diagnosis with hydrogen breath test

7. Advise clients on the specifics of their illness, psychology, individual body, energy expenditure, and body mass index.

8. Rejuvenation of damaged organ systems, support their functions, consulting and planning of clinical diets prepared with unique technology, menu development, technology card development

Areas of short-term training:

1. Clinical nutrition

2. Pediatric nutrition

3. Adolescent nutrition

4. Nutrition of pregnant and lactating women

5. Geriatric nutrition

6. Sport nutrition

7. Provide training in weight loss, calorie counting, nutrition and exercise

8. Organize nutrition trainings to educate the public and clients about the importance of proper nutrition, disseminate information on nutrition education, impart knowledge, and diet-related behavioral therapy.

Munkhzaya M

Head of NCL

Profession: Hygienist and Epidemiologist 


Child Hygienist 

Food Hygienist 

Occupational Hygienist  

Public Health 


Main Roles:

Child and Adolescents Hygiene 

Child Growth and Development 

Food Hygiene and Safety 

Public Health 


Contact: MNUMS, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar city 


Tuul N.


Profession: Biotechnologist 


●  Biochemist

●  Microbiologist  

●  Food Hygienist 


Main roles:

●Undergraduate Training in  Foundation of Nutrition, Food Hygiene and Foundation of Food Science 

●Postgraduate Food Hygiene Training

●Project Implementation in the Field of Nutrition and Dietary

●Provide Lifecycle Nutrition Training


Contact: MNUMS, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar city 


Luvsanlkhundev B.


Profession: Nutritionist


Nutrition and Health 

Food Hygienist 

Clinical & Forensic Toxicology


Main roles:

Nutrition Education 

Research in Nutrition 

Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition   


Contact: MNUMS, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar city 


Nyam-Osor D.

ШТСХҮЛ-иQuality manager йн Чанарын менежер

Profession: Public Health Researcher 


Food Hygienist 

Public Health 


Main roles:


Nutrition Applications in the Life Cycle, Nutritional Food 

Food Hygienist 


Contact: MNUMS, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar city 



1.    Evaluation of physical education provided in the general education school of Ulaanbaatar city. Department of professional supervision of the capital. 2012

2.    Youth friendly support. MNUMS, Mongolian AIDS Society. 2010-2011

3.    Preventive problems of youth health risk factors, Science and Technology Foundation project: Research to determine the normal size (normogram) of basic physical parameters of youth by age and gender. MNUMS. 2018-2020

4.    "Healthy Food - Proper Nutrition" micro-project announced by the representative office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United National Organization in Mongolia. 2019

5.    Joint project with the Germany Institute of Human History "Comparative study of milk consumption, lactose absorption and microbiome". 2019-2024

6.    Joint "Nutrition Program Improvement" project with the Department of Food and Nutrition Studies, College of Human Ecology, Korea. 2019

7.    Development of the "Laboratory of Nutrition and Food Production" and the human resource capacity building project jointly with the Department of Food and Nutrition of the College of Human Ecology, Korea. 2020-2021

8.    Joint project with "APU DAIRY" LLC "Consumption of milk and dairy products and ability to absorb lactose". 2022

9.    "Comprehensive study of health promotion and protection of general education school students" project. 2022


1.    "Comparative study of milk consumption, lactose absorption and microbiome". Max Planck Institute for for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany. 2019-2024

2.    "Detection of Lactose Intolerance Enzyme Mutations" joint project of Center for Health Diagnostics, the Department of Nutrition and the Department of Biochemistry. 2023-2024

"Diabetes Control Package Program" joint project of Shargaljuut Spa treatment and the Department of Nutrition, Department of Endocrinology, and Department of Psychology and Department of Physical Education of MNUMS. 2023.




02 number, Nutrition and culinary laboratory, Public Health Institute, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, S.Zorig street,  Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia